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Solar Energy Solution

Suez Engineering Solutions is mainly into solar EPC where we carryout engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance of solar systems for residential, commercial and industrial as well as carry out On-Grid and Off-Grid projects

Suez Engineering Solutions is providing the right solar systems for your energy needs SES having partnership with is one of the leading European solar company providing all customized range of the PV for more than 45 years, as well the integrated solar solutions and products to the customers in all sectors. We are a well-known source in renewable energy market starting from conception, feasibility, load auditing, designing and execution.

Technical knowledge, skill with quality products and commitments are the key factors leading us to enhance our customer database, Market knowledge, dedicated and well-trained professional teams have given us the opportunity to operate as one of the best sources in solar solutions for domestic, community, industrial and water pumping stations.

We are at SES believe that solar energy is the most attractive source for generating power especially in Egypt . The public, at large, have realized that Solar Energy is the best proven and economically viable option in the long run.

SES Advantages

Our efforts are to introduce the solar energy concept not only to reduce your energy cost but also considerable efforts towards caring environment.

Followings these four impacts the solar energy is gaining popularity on homes and businesses and in industrial usage. Suez Engineering Solutions has enough experience to cater your energy needs but also to design the best option in comparison your investment and solar system.

Our expertise on system designing and our in-house fabrication has also given us the opportunity to serve our customers who have limited availability of space and spending.


Flexibility and Innovation

SES has one of the broadest arrays of portfolio offerings in the solar field. Because we are constantly anticipating and staying ahead of market needs. Solar is not a one-size-fits-all solution that’s why Suez Engineering Solutions Solar couples’ technological innovation with new systems approaches to consistently offer the best solution available, maximizing the value of solar energy for every customer’s unique needs.
Flexible solutions, tailored for each location: on-grid or off-grid, or a specialized solution to meet your demands Deliver solar solutions that work in harmony with grid Committed to providing solutions that maximize the value of solar for our customers.

Full-Service Provider

SES as a full-service provider, that handles everything – we carry out feasibility, site survey, develop, design, install, and provide after sale service.
You can rest assured SES team knows how to deliver the best value solar system for your needs.
we are into sponsorship of companies who wish to start their business in Egypt and one leading solar company in Europe we are sponsoring them in Egypt (Sunerg Solar) European quality made in Italy.

Experience & Expertise

We have experience in solar systems but also know intelligent energy. As one of the reliable and complete solar service system providers we also have experiences in carrying out right feasibilities, load auditing, system designing and installations. These valuable experiences and profound knowledge of our team is recognized and accepted as great benefit by our customers. Our team enjoys an unrivaled reputation for quality systems delivered on-time and within agreed budget.

Quality & Reliability

SES reputation for quality is a credit to its commitment for the highest-quality components and its deep knowledge of system design and integration. Our number of years of our experienced team, we have a profound understanding of how components and modules perform together to produce optimum output.


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