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Waterproofing & Roof Insulation in MENA

Waterproofing in MENA

Energy savings and waterproofing a building is not a luxury but a necessity. The direction of energy costs is up, and the cost of materials and maintenance labor to waterproof your roofs and walls is always increasing in Mena region. Why not then use preventive thinking and consider protecting your buildings either from the start or from the first chance you get to have a budget that will allow you do so?

Are you paying too much money in keeping your house cool during the summer months? Is your roof leaking and you are tired of not finding a permanent solution? Are you tired of repainting every two to three years the outside walls of your house because the paints crack, peel or discolor? Let us help you by providing the solution Contact us and make it easy for you. We have have a proven track record in the MENA and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. SurfaceCool™ wa created especifically to provide products and services for the MENA and adjacent regions, and by design has embraced the conditions and demands of the country, and our certified-approved applicators offer very competitive prices.
All SurfaceCool™ products have low VOC, high SRI and no heavy metals (totally Greel cool coatings). All products are applied by certified and approved applicators and come with a manufacturer warranty of a mminimun of 10 years. Contact us to obtain copies of supporting documentation and/or testing results.
NOTE: products are only sold through approved and certified contractors and applicators.


Cool-Exterior is an energy-saving environmentally friendly coating designed to enhance and protect exterior walls.


Cool-Roof is an energy-saving environmentally friendly roof coating that not only reduces cooling costs but waterproofs as well.


Cool-Tank is an environmentally friendly tank coating that reduces the development of heat on the exposed coated surface thus reducing evaporation losses.


Cool-Wet waterproofing and deck coating systems combine ease of use, fast installation and durable performance. Quick cure times allow treated decks to be returned to service within a few hours of completion.

Higher Quality Insulation & Waterproofing

SurfaceCool™ Cool-Roof and Cool-Exterior provides high quality insulation and waterproofing for roofs and walls. Our coatings will save you money in cooling costs, and will stop water from penetrating your building.

In the Oil & Gas Industry, SurfaceCool™ Cool-Tank will reduce the development of external surface heat thus keeping the liquid contents of the vessels cooler thus reducing evaporation loses.

Quality Ceramic Coatings

Our ceramic coatings have been developed taking into account the regional climatic conditions in MENA region.

10 Year Warranty

All products are applied by certified and approved waterproofing applicators and come with a manufacturer warranty of 10 years.

Saving in CAPEX & OPEX

Our long-term product warranty will give you peace of mind for many years and help you save 40% on energy bills.


All SurfaceCool™ products have low VOC, high SRI and no heavy metals (totally green cool coatings).

International Standards

The need for durability, dirt pickup resistance, energy savings and waterproofing performance comply with local and internationally recognized standards.

Manufactured Locally

SurfaceCool™ Cool-Roof coatings are completely made in UAE.

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