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Painting the exterior surfaces of your buildings be concrete or metal is easier with SurfaceCool™ Cool-Exterior. This product is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly (Green cool coating) exterior paint designed to enhance and protect exterior walls. Cool-Exterior can outlast most paints found in the market today and has a long-term product warranty. Using this exterior paint will save you money in repainting costs and also has an excellent fire resistance.


If you are looking for a product that can reduce the cooling costs of your buildings and at the same time waterproof your roof in a clean, Green and efficient way SurfaceCool™ Cool-Roof is the right product. Our long-term product warranty will give you peace of mind for many years and save you money in maintenance and replacement costs. Waterproofing and insulating metal roofs, concrete roofs and other types of roofs is easier with SurfaceCool™ Cool-Roof. This product also has an excellent fire resistance rating.


SurfaceCool™ Cool-Tank is designed specifically for coating the exterior surface of holding vessels in the Oil & Gas and in the water supply industries. This product reduces the development of heat on the exterior surface of the tank thus keeping the liquid contents cooler and reducing evaporation losses. Cool-Tank is also and environmentally friendly (Green) cool coating with an excellent fire resistance.


SurfaceCool™ Wet is designed for any wet area under tiling which will be in direct contact and reputable using of water such as water tanks, kitchen, bathroom, and others in residential or commercial buildings in either on a new building or for repairing old ones. In both cases, a waterproofing system needs to be applied under tilling ( The Wet Area) in order to protect the concrete /steel and prevent any water leakage.

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