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& Piping

Mechanical construction and projects, Piping services, Plant turnaround, Outage and shutdown, and Industrial maintenance.

SES has the ability of executing mechanical & piping installation projects across the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Power sectors. We have extensive experience in greenfield installation projects and brownfield modification or upgrade projects, as both main or subcontractor.

What We Offer?

Mechanical construction & Projects

SES offers full execution of construction projects, including engineering, procurement, work preparation, and mechanical installation works. We have proven project management procedures in place to manage mechanical construction projects of all types, sizes and degrees of complexity.

Construction on-site by our skilled welders and technicians is supported by experienced engineers. SES has the resources to manage your projects safely, efficiently and within schedule.

We offer:

  • Complete life-cycle services: engineering, execution, maintenance, overhaul and replacement.
  • We cover the complete technical spectrum: from generic to highly specialized mechanical work – we have capabilities in all mechanical areas.
  • Integrated approach in projects; one contact person, one responsible party.
  • Mechanical & Piping Construction Services.
  • Work preparation and project execution planning.
  • Skilled technicians and supervision supported by experienced engineers.
  • Prefabrication and revisions take place in our own facilities.

Piping Services

SES is an expert in the prefabrication of piping, skids and modules. We act as a solid partner, manufacturing your items and installing it on-site, safely and matching all your requirements, materials, processes and project sizes. With the right people, expertise and facilities in place, we can handle any project.

SES combines prefabrication and engineering services for both onshore and offshore installations in the chemical, power and oil & gas markets. We have extensive experience in mid-sized engineered modification projects in existing and live plants. We tackle the difficult interface between Engineering and Operations by integrating Thinking and Doing (Think it… Solve it).

Our welders are our most valuable asset. Their expertise ensures operational excellence throughout the project.

Prefab piping is not all we do. We also offer multidisciplinary constructions, combining structural and equipment installation and other elements. That means we minimize the number of interfaces for you as a project owner. Your benefit: flawless installation by single sourcing.

We offer:

  • Piping (prefab & field).
  • Mechanical.
  • Non Destructive Examinations (NDE).
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT).
  • Steel Structures.

Plant Turnaround, Outage and Shutdown

For heavy industry, it’s critical to have a plant that operates productively and safely, with minimal downtime. To reduce the impact of planned shutdowns and unexpected outages, you need skilled, reliable contractors who can get the job done.

SES Mechanical Maintenance Solutions (MMS) work to the highest standards of quality, safety and performance. Providing services specifically for plant outages and shutdown maintenance, all our projects are completed on time and within budget. No exceptions.

Our capabilities include:

  • Project Management.
  • Principle Contractor of large maintenance projects.
  • Welding Processes.
  • Industrial Fitting.
  • Welding Supervision & Inspection.
  • Rigging.

Industrial & Supplying Services

SES company, offers a range of partnership services to support you in implementing best practices on asset maintenance, from organizing a maintenance management organization to completely outsourcing asset maintenance.

We work closely with Clients, incorporating their business challenges and present capabilities, to develop a tailored maintenance model, to ensure their asset maintenance is run better, faster, and cheaper.

Processes should be designed and implemented to align with current capabilities and future challenges, including asset performance, safety, compliance, risks and costs. Our expertise in organizing maintenance helps Clients match strategy and external demands in the most efficient and effective way.

Services include:

  • Lean Maintenance

Providing insight and guidance in defining and improving your maintenance department.

  • Performance Maintenance

Supporting you in implementing best practices on outsourcing.

  • Labor Supply Services

We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled labors to support with the best top, middle and lower level workforce in a short, medium and long term basis. Our aim is to find first class people for our clients across various industries. We can provide you with Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Un-Skilled labor supply of Technicians in the different industrial maintenance categories like:
– Mechanical
– Electrical
– Instrumentation, Etc.

In Executive and Skilled categories, we can provide:
– Engineers
– Welders
– Grinders
– Pipefitters
– Riggers, Etc.

Being in people-focused business – our success and growth are reliant upon our people, offers a blend of great experience, coupled with a platform of local market and industry knowledge.

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