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Mechanical Maintenance

Steam Turbine

Operation & Maintenance

Course Overview

Steam Turbines of several types, which have widely varying configurations and applications, are used extensively in the process industries. These steam turbines represent a significant part of the capital and operating costs of most plants, so that optimizing their selection is of major economic importance.

The course is devoted to design features, efficiencies, operating characteristics, reliability, and maintenance implications of steam turbine drivers. This course will cover the operating principles of steam turbines, specifications, their design, thermodynamics, effect of efficiency on operating costs, energy usage, effect on plant costs, special materials of construction, selection, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

The course will also cover plant run-length extension surveys, organizing for successful turnarounds and ongoing reliability improvement, and preventive vs. predictive maintenance strategy decisions. The course will provide the participant with a basic, as well as advanced, steam turbine technology inventory required to successfully select, apply, troubleshoot, and maintain steam turbine equipment.

Course Outlines

Basic introduction

  • Theory of Steam Turbine.
  • Classification of Steam Turbine:
    • Impulse Steam Turbine.
    • Reaction Steam Turbine.
  • Type of Steam Turbine:
    • Back Pressure Steam Turbine.
    • Condensing Steam Turbine.
    • Extraction Steam Turbine.
    • Induction Steam Turbine.
  • Lubrication System.
  • Seal Steam System.
  • Condensate and Vacuum System.

Steam Turbine Components

  • Casing.
  • Diaphragms (blades carrier).
  • Steam Turbine rotor:
    • Blades.
    • Shaft.
    • Balance Drum.
    • Thrust Disk (Collar).
  • Gland Seal.
  • Shaft Bearings:
    • Journal Bearings.
    • Thrust Bearings.
  • Trip Valve.
  • Control Valve (Governor).

Steam Turbine Operation

  • Steam Turbine Startup Procedure.
  • Steam Turbine Shutdown Procedure.

Steam Turbine Maintenance

  • Steam Turbine Trouble Shooting.
  • Steam Turbine Complete Overhaul:
    • General Instruction.
    • Disassembly Procedures.
    • Steam Turbine Bearing and Gland Inspection.
    • Turbine Rotor Inspection and Clearance Measurements.
    • Assembly Procedures.

Learning Competencies

  • Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained a thorough understanding of the various steam turbine configurations available to virtually every industrial user.
  • Participants will be able to determine the most appropriate and efficient matching of compressor or pump to steam turbine driver.
  • Participants will also acquire knowledge of operating and maintenance issues by getting to know mechanical design, machinery components, as well as proven approaches to monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance of steam turbine.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Engineers in both operation and equipment maintenance areas.
  • The industries most directly involved with the subject matter are those producing chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum products, natural gases, manufacturing gases, steel, and plants requiring process refrigeration.

Throughout the course, participants will have ample opportunity to have equipment-related questions answered by the instructor.

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